Gyasi Rolston is a Firefighter\Rescue Technician for London Fire Brigade, and a Personal Trainer, maintaining a high level of fitness, which is crucial to both roles. He is extremely passionate and committed to healthy living and wellbeing, and has trained in many gyms across London, Essex and Cambridgeshire for over 17 years.

Gyasi has considerable expertise in body building; strength, circuit and suspension training; and first aid and possess a full understanding of the fitness industry. He has held various positions in the management, and teaching of sporting activities for diverse groups, including children and disabled people. As a Personal Trainer Gyasi incorporates a range of training techniques, which after an initial full lifestyle analysis consultation are tailored to suit the specific needs of the client.

His unique approach is in using modern technology to assist with clients’ consultations and monitoring their progress. Clients progress and assessments are updated direct to they phone or laptop.This enables him to deliver a more efficient accessible service.

His relevant qualifications include amongst others Level 2 Fitness Gym Instructing; Level 3 Personal Training; Incident Emergency Care First Aid; ASA Level 2 Swimming teaching.


Total Body Gym, Business and Technology Centre, First Floor Shirehill, Saffron Walden, CB11 3AQ

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